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She's Waiting It Out

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By Bryant Switzky

He seemed funny and smart
He reached for her hand in the dark
She smiled and played the part
And they walked down the aisle

After 15 years
Of him drinking whiskey and beer
Throwing sand in the gears
She can't muster a smile

He was never very kind
About as sweet as turpentine
But he was the best she could find
So she's waiting it out

She's not really happy or sad
Her life’s not that good or that bad
She's always just had what she had
She's filled up with doubt

Stuck in this hardscrabble town
Wearing a permanent frown
Trading gossip and hand me downs
And lists of complaints

The disappointments of life
The cold that cuts like a knife
She wishes she could be a good wife
But she knows that she ain't

This town is a withering pine
It stinks all the time
But it’s part of her storyline
So she's waiting it out

Joy isn’t something you earn
When you got no money to burn
And you don’t expect much in return
Day in and day out

She don't drink or dance
Never had much need for romance
She'd like to give love a chance
Well, she does and she don't

She could take the dog and the kids
And everything that she ever did
Leave this town that hit the skids
But she knows that she won't

Cuz hope is just a glitch in her mind
Love is just a nursery rhyme
The world won’t give her a sign
So she’s waiting it out

No sense in getting upset
Just light another cigarette
She’ll take what she gets
She’ll figure it out