From the recording On the Edge of Something

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Going, Going, Gone

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Frankie Switzky, Bryant's daughter, sang the harmonies on this track.


By Bryant Switzky

Heaven is wasted on the dead
Said the man with a voice like a Marlboro Red
He never learned how to cry
But the lines on his face can bring a tear to your eye

Now he's going, going, gone
He can live and die in the space of a song
His steel turns to rust
He disappears into the dust

Sometimes your memories can get in the way
Roll them up like a map and tuck them away
Tend to your children, remember to smile
Call your mother every once in a while

Until you're going, going, gone
A lifetime pretending that nothing is wrong
You can take it on the chin
Cash the check and twist in the wind

Losing yourself's not a victimless crime
When every desire is relentless as time

When it's going, going, gone
The ghosts of the past will string you along
The whispers in your mind
Tell you to leave it all behind

Til it's going, going, gone
Just going, going, gone
Life is just going, going, gone